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  • Dmc syndrome

    Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen (DMC) syndrome is a rare, progressive genetic disorder characterized by abnormal skeletal development, microcephaly and intellectual disability. The condition was first reported by Dyggve, Melchior and Clausen in 1962 in three of eight siblings where the father was the mother's paternal uncle. Because of physical appearance and the present of acid mucopolysaccharides in the urine, Dyggve believed that their affected pat  Read More

  • Smith-mccort dysplasia

    Spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasias (SEMD) are a heterogeneous group of chondrodysplasias, characterized by different patterns of inheritance. Different subtypes of SEMD are reported in genetic medical databases and literature. The Smith-McCort variant syndrome (SMS) or smith-mccort dysplasia is one of the subtypes of SEMD (subtype II). 1. SMS is a rare autosomal recessive osteochondrodysplasia characterized by shor  Read More