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  • Diastrophic dwarfism

    The symptoms and physical findings associated with diastrophic dysplasia may be extremely variable, differing in range and severity even among affected family members (kindreds). However, in all individuals with the disorder, there is abnormal development of bones and joints of the body (skeletal and joint dysplasia). During normal development before birth (embryonic and fetal development) as well as development during early childhood,  Read More

  • Pierre robin syndrome with hyperphalangy

    Catel-Manzke syndrome is a rare genetic disorder characterized by distinctive abnormalities of the index fingers; the classic features of Pierre Robin syndrome; and, in some cases, additional physical findings. Pierre Robin syndrome refers to a sequence of abnormalities that may occur as a distinct syndrome or as part of another underlying disorder. Pierre Robin syndrome is characterized by an unusually small jaw (micrognathia), downward displ  Read More