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  • Diastrophic nanism syndrome

    The symptoms and physical findings associated with diastrophic dysplasia may be extremely variable, differing in range and severity even among affected family members (kindreds). However, in all individuals with the disorder, there is abnormal development of bones and joints of the body (skeletal and joint dysplasia). During normal development before birth (embryonic and fetal development) as well as development during early childhood,  Read More

  • Hypophosphatasia (hhrh)

    HPP has remarkably wide-ranging severity. The six major clinical forms are separated based primarily upon the age when symptoms occur and the diagnosis is made. By decreasing severity, these forms are called perinatal, infantile, childhood (severe or mild), adult, and odontohypophosphatasia. Generally, HPP severity correlates with how much alkaline phosphatase activity remains in the body, with less enzyme activity causing more severe  Read More