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  • Albers-schonberg disease

    Osteopetrosis may be inherited as either a dominant or recessive trait and is marked by increased bone density, brittle bones, and, in some cases, skeletal abnormalities. Although symptoms may not initially be apparent in people with mild forms of this disorder, trivial injuries may cause bone fractures due to abnormalities of the bone. There are three major types of osteopetrosis: the malignant infantile form, the intermediate for  Read More

  • Brittle bone disease

    Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) is a group of rare disorders affecting the connective tissue and characterized by extremely fragile bones that break or fracture easily (brittle bones), often without apparent cause. The specific symptoms and physical findings associated with OI vary greatly from case to case. The severity of OI also varies greatly, even among individuals of the same family. OI may be a mild disorder or may result in severe complic  Read More