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  • Elbow pain

    Elbow pain facts The elbow joint is the area of union of three long bones. Tendinitis can affect the inner or outer elbow. Treatment of tendinitis includes ice, rest, and medication for inflammation. Bacteria can infect the skin of the scraped (abraded) elbow. The "funny bone" nerve can be irritated at the elbow to cause numbness and tingling of the little and ring fingers.  Read More

  • Tennis elbow

    Tennis elbow facts Tennis elbow is tendinitis of the outer elbow. Strain of an elbow tendon causes tennis elbow. Risks of tennis elbow include activities that can strain the elbow. Tennis elbow symptoms include dull pain and tenderness at the outer elbow often with a sensation of weakness and stiffness. A physician uses a patient's history and physical examination to diagnose tennis elbow.  Read More