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  • Occult spinal dysraphism sequence

    The specific symptoms, severity and progression of tethered cord syndrome vary from one individual to another. In most cases, individuals experience symptoms during childhood. In some cases, symptoms are stabilized in childhood, but become apparent only in adulthood. A high percentage of pediatric cases, with tethered cord syndrome show cutaneous tufts of hair, skin tags, dimples, benign fatty tumors, skin discoloration or hemangiomas.  Read More

  • Ollier osteochondromatosis

    Ollier disease is a rare skeletal disorder characterized by abnormal bone development (skeletal dysplasia). While this disorder may be present at birth (congenital); it may not become apparent until early childhood when symptoms, such as deformities or improper limb growth, are more obvious. Ollier disease primarily affects the long bones and cartilage of the joints of the arms and legs, specifically the area where the shaft and head of a long  Read More