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  • Campomelic syndrome, long-limb type

    Campomelic syndrome, long-limb type, is a rare disorder that affects the bones, muscles and cartilage. Symptoms of this condition include abnormal facial features, abnormal hand structure and abnormal joint development. It can also lead to limb deformities, such as clubfoot or curved fingers. In some cases, the affected person may have only one hand with a shortened ulna (forearm bone). There are no known causes f  Read More

  • Three m syndrome

    Three M syndrome is an extremely rare inherited disorder characterized by low birth weight, delayed bone age, and short stature; characteristic malformations of the head and facial (craniofacial) area; and/or finger (digital) and/or skeletal malformations. In most cases, infants with Three M syndrome are unusually small and have a low birth weight despite being carried to term. This is due to growth delays during fetal development (int  Read More