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  • Connective tissue disease

    Early indications of mixed connective tissue disease can include: General feeling of being unwell. This malaise may be accompanied by increased fatigue and a mild fever. Cold and numb fingers or toes (Raynaud's disease). In response to cold or stress, your fingers or toes might turn white and then purplish blue. After warming, the fingers or toes turn red. Swollen fin  Read More

  • Cryoglobulinemia, essential mixed

    Cryoglobulinemia, essential mixed (EM) is a disorder in which your immune system makes antibodies that are not normally found in the blood and are unable to protect you from infections. These antibodies clump together and form abnormal proteins called cryoglobulins. The risk factors for this condition include: 1. Age: People who are older than 50 years old are more likely to develop cryoglobulinemia t  Read More

  • Marfanoid hypermobility syndrome

    Marfanoid hypermobility syndrome is a genetic condition that affects the connective tissue in the body. In many ways, it resembles the more common Marfan syndrome. However, while Marfan syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that can cause serious health problems and even death, marfanoid hypermobility syndrome is much less severe—it's estimated that fewer than 1% of people with Marfan syndrome actually have this condition.  Read More