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  • Craniofacial dysostosis

    Babies with Crouzon syndrome can have symptoms like these: short and wide or long and narrow head enlarged forehead widely spaced eyes bulging eyeballs crossed eyes (strabismus) eyes that point in two different directions vision loss eyelids that slant downward flattened cheeks curved, beak-like nose small, poorly developed upper  Read More

  • Three m syndrome

    Three M syndrome is an extremely rare genetic disorder characterized by low birth weight, short stature (dwarfism), characteristic abnormalities of the head and facial (craniofacial) area, distinctive skeletal malformations, and/or other physical abnormalities. Characteristic craniofacial malformations typically include a long, narrow head (dolichocephaly), an unusually prominent forehead (frontal bossing), and a triangular-shaped face with a  Read More